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dairy production
Monday / Aug 12, 2019 /


UK Atheya / Buffalo, Cattle, Milk Production /

At present very good quality buffalo and Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows are available within the country. The lactation yield of good buffaloes are producing 6000 litres per lactation that are in 305 days. The good Holstein cows are producing 8000 litres of milk in 305 days. The fat content in the buffalo milk is…

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Sunday / Aug 11, 2019 /

History of Reproduction

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Here I am giving the list of some historical events related to Reproduction. 1677 – Leeuwenhoek first saw spermatozoa under a microscope. 1780– Spallanzani produced four pups of the dog by injecting solid of semen in the uterus of dog. He was the first who reported the effects of cooling on sperm. 1897 – Heap,…

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Friday / Jul 26, 2019 /


UK Atheya / General Knowledge, Sheep, Sheep General Information /

The production of cloned sheep Dolly by Keith Campbell, Ian Wilmut, from the mammary cell of sheep, was a big landmark of reproductive biology the production of such cloned animals invites no necessity of marriage. Because form the single-cell cloned animals can be produced. Named After Dolly Parton. The cloned animals are similar in phenotype meaning…

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Saturday / Jun 29, 2019 /

Cow Urine Facts

UK Atheya / Cattle, General Knowledge /

When sun rays fall on the water in plants this separates hydrogen from water molecules, the separated hydrogen then goes to chlorophyll. With the help of light and dark reaction and carbon fixation, carbohydrate and fats are formed and stored in the animal body as reserve food. For the formation of protein and DNA, the…

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Dairy animals
Tuesday / Feb 26, 2019 /

100 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Dairy Animals PART – 2

UK Atheya / Agriculture, Cattle, Dairy, Milk Production /

Difference between cheese and curd? Curd is formed by microbial growth, in this case a lactose is broken down into lactic acid, and this reaction takes place at 37°C. Whereas, cheese making is enzymatic reaction, the movement enzyme rennin is added to the milk is curdled. It takes few minute then the curdle milk is…

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Friday / Feb 15, 2019 /

डेयरी के असफल होने के कारण

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जब तक हम 3 या 4 गाय या भैंस से 20 से 25 लीटर दूध पैदा करते है और पशुओं की देखभाल भी स्वयं करते है अर्थात लेबर पर निर्भर नहीं होते है तब तक डेयरी का व्यवसाय अधिक लाभकारी दिखाई देता है लेकिन जैसे ही हम 100 से 200 लीटर दूध पैदा करने की…

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Indian breeds of cows
Tuesday / Feb 12, 2019 /

डेयरी खोलने के लिए दुग्ध पषुओं का चयन

UK Atheya / Buffalo Breed, Cattle Breeds, Cattle General Information, Cattle Milk Production, Cattle Reproduction, Dairy, Milk Production /

डेयरी खोलने में भैस के लिए मुर्रा भैंस रखी जाती है। लेकिन गाय की डेयरी खोलने में यह प्रश्न उठता है कि देशी गाय रखे या विदेशी गाय रखें। दूध देने वाली देशी गायों में प्रमुख जातियां साहिवाल, गिरि, थरपारकर, हरियाणा एवं कंकरेज गाय है। लेकिन साहिवाल गाय तथा गिरि गाय अधिक ख्याति प्राप्त कर…

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Global Warming and Cattle
Wednesday / Feb 06, 2019 /

Global Warming and Cattle

UK Atheya / Cattle, Cattle Housing, Cattle Nutrition, General Knowledge /

Due to industrialization in developed countries the carbon dioxide and methane level of atmosphere has increased. This gas resulted in warming because of heat coming from sun, is not reflected back in atmosphere. This is also known as green house effect. The methane is also produces rumen due to presence of methanogenic bacteria. The cows…

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Dairy Production
Friday / Feb 01, 2019 /


UK Atheya / Cattle Milk Production, Dairy, Milk Production /

If you make up your mind to start dairy the basic question is that cow or buffalo. If you say cow then what breed of cow, this is very controversial. So, I am giving below the merit and demerit of cow, exotic cow (Holstein and Jersey) and buffaloes. Desi milking cows Sahiwal, Gir, Red Sindhi,…

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Thursday / Nov 09, 2017 /

दूध का इतिहास

UK Atheya / General Knowledge, Milk Production /

दक्षिण-पूर्वी एशिया में दूध का विवरण बकरी एवं भेड़ के दूध से मिलता है इसका समय ईसा से 7 से 8 हजार वर्ष पूर्व का है। यूरोप में दूध का विवरण ईसा से 4 हजार से 5 हजार वर्ष पूर्व से मिलता है।

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