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Cattle Management

Tuesday / Jul 30, 2019 /

Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer in Cattle

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Multiple Ovulation and Embryo Transfer in Cattle Form high milk-producing cow in a lifetime calving get 5 or 6 calves. At the onset of estrus or heat cycle under the influence of follicular stimulating hormone, only one ovum is mature, as such the cow gives one calf. However, if a higher dose of FSH (Follicular…

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use of pour on
Thursday / Jul 25, 2019 /


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Pour on is a product of MSD company and many other companies are making it has to be poured on the backbone of animal there is no need to inject it. It takes care of flies mosquitos lies, mites and ticks. It spreads over the body of an animal, and it remains there for 48…

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Wednesday / Jul 24, 2019 /


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Ivermectin is used for internal and external parasites, internal parasites like nematodes, like intestinal worms and stomach worms plus lungworm. Ivermectin does not work on liver fluke and tapeworm. However, it works on microfilaria. Microfilaria is quiet common in buffalo when buffalo is infected with microfilaria then it starts circling. In this case, ivermectin is…

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Thursday / Jul 04, 2019 /

Keeping Cow in an Open System

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Why we should keep high yielding Cows in an open system? The water particularly fresh water is very essential. For high yielding as these high yielding exotic cows producing over 40 litres milk per day, require approximately 10 kg of ration, 40 kg of green concentrate and silage. They are not affected by low temperatures…

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Sunday / Mar 17, 2019 /

काटने वाली मक्खी डास एवं मच्छर से गायों को कैसे बचाएं

UK Atheya / Cattle, Cattle General Information, Cattle Management /

मच्छरो के काटने से एपीमीरार बुखार तथा टिप्पेनोसोमा की बीमारी गायो को हो जाती है। मक्खी सभी रोगो को फैलने का कार्य करती है। मक्खी दूध दुहान की जगह सबसे अधिक होती है। उनके वजह से दूध की गुणवता खराब हों जाती है। इसके लिए निम्नलिखित उपाय है। गायो को खुले बाड़े में रखे। प्रति…

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Saturday / Feb 23, 2019 /


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The crossing of native cow started before world war first in the British colony. It was in Bangalore that the first crossbred were produced in 1910 at this time the cows were reared for production of bullocks if cows were calving with male calves then the all the milk was fed to male calves. Sale…

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feeding cow and calf
Sunday / Feb 10, 2019 /


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Fodder feed and Water requirement for Cow and Calf Water Requirement After milking water is necessary, in hot climate cow takes about 80 liter of water and in cold 40 liters. The automatic water system is shown in figure. The more is dry fodder the greater is water need. Bhusa has no water, berseem contains…

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Sunday / Feb 03, 2019 /


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How to solve labor problem in dairy farms. (Follow the following Ideas) Use milking machines Keep cows in open housing system Feed silage Give ready made pelleted cattle feed Keep bulk milk cooler and sell milk at one time Use cream separator for left over milk Feed calves with milk bottle When the calves at…

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Tuesday / Nov 20, 2018 /

गाय का आहार – भूसा तथा दाना

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गाय को भूसा कितना देते है गाय सूखा, भूसा गाय के वजन के हिसाब से खिलाया जाता है।गाय अपने वजन का 3 प्रतिशत भूसा खाती है यदि गाय 300 वजन की है तो वो 9 कि0लो0 भूसा खायेगी। यदि हम इसे मक्का का हरा चारा देते है तो हरे चारे को 18 किलो0 खायेगी। अर्थात…

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Friday / Nov 16, 2018 /

गाय का पाचन तन्त्र (Cow’s Digestive System)

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गाय का पाचन तंत्र चित्र   गाय का पेट चार भागो में बाटा होता है। पहला भाग को रूमन कहते है। यह कुल पेट के भाग का 57 प्रतिशत होता है परन्तु बच्चे में यह कुल पेट का 30 प्रतिशत होता है। रूमन का दूसरा भाग रेटीकूलम कहलता है। यह कुल पेट का 7 प्रतिशत होता…

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