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How to solve labor problem in dairy farms.

(Follow the following Ideas)

  • Use milking machines
  • Keep cows in open housing system
  • Feed silage
  • Give ready made pelleted cattle feed
  • Keep bulk milk cooler and sell milk at one time
  • Use cream separator for left over milk
  • Feed calves with milk bottle
  • When the calves at 15 days, feed them with calf starter
  • Plan for vermicomposte (earthworm compost)
  • Use sexed semen for heifer
  • Follow the controlled breeding
  • Keep liquid nitrogen jar and semen and get training in A I
  • Have CTV camera to control the dairy operations, (It will be helpful if you are outside of farm, you can watch your animals from anywhere)
  • You must have fogger and autonomic water system
  • Have solar energy set up for continuous light supply to the farms
  • If you do not have land, you can grow hydrophobic fodder