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Wednesday / Feb 13, 2019 /


UK Atheya / Agriculture, Cattle Nutrition, Dairy, Nutrition /

By making Silage, we can harvest all the crops in one day. Silage may be made by the landed farmer. If the landed farmer is cultivating maize on his own land then he has to invest in seed irrigation and fertilizer including labour cost all this accounts for Rs. 2000/- per Acer and in two…

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feeding cow and calf
Sunday / Feb 10, 2019 /


UK Atheya / Cattle, Cattle Fodder, Cattle Management, Cattle Milk Production, Cattle Nutrition, Nutrition /

Fodder feed and Water requirement for Cow and Calf Water Requirement After milking water is necessary, in hot climate cow takes about 80 liter of water and in cold 40 liters. The automatic water system is shown in figure. The more is dry fodder the greater is water need. Bhusa has no water, berseem contains…

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Wednesday / Mar 07, 2018 /

Saving money by Feeding Urea to dairy Cattle

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Urea is form with thunderstorm in sky and poured down with rain water. In cow buffalo, goat digestion is microbial in rumen. So, they can utilize urea.

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Tuesday / Oct 17, 2017 /

चारे का साईलेज (अचार) बनाना (Stored Fodder- Silage)

UK Atheya / Agriculture, Nutrition /

बरसात में जब अधिकाधिक मक्का की खेती होती है। जब मक्का को काटकर आॅक्सीजन रहित स्थान पर 45 दिन तक रखने से मक्का साईलेज बनता है। इसे गाय भैंस को खिलाकर अधिक दूध उत्पादन कर सकते है।

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