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Keeping Cow in an Open System

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Why we should keep high yielding Cows in an open system?

The water particularly fresh water is very essential. For high yielding as these high yielding exotic cows producing over 40 litres milk per day, require approximately 10 kg of ration, 40 kg of green concentrate and silage. They are not affected by low temperatures and rains.

open system for cow

To make this amount of fodder and feed animal need a huge amount of water, depending upon weather conditions, 30°C and above. A cow needs 100 litres of water in summer 50-60 litres of water in winter. Just after milking water is essential. Because if the cow is producing 40 litres of milk, per milk 20 litres of water is going out of the body.

open system for cow
Water Tank for Cow

It is difficult to serve, 100 litres of water per animal. So for profitable dairy, you should start a dairy with the loose system, with the fresh water supply. For 10 cows water tank of 1000 litres of water with a tap attached to the float wall is necessary. So the movement cow drinks water, clot wall is open and water is locked.

For keeping cow you need 100 to 80 sq feet, per cow. Room height should be 20 ft, and there should be a free air system because every cow releases a high amount of CO2 and methane. Calving and Calve or Sick Cows need protection from cold.

Open system for Cow

Desi cow, Bos indicus can survive, on 10-20 litres of water. In desserts, the desi cow acquires water from hydrolysis of reserve fat in the body.

See water system for cow

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