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At present very good quality buffalo and Holstein Friesian and Jersey cows are available within the country. The lactation yield of good buffaloes are producing 6000 litres per lactation that are in 305 days. The good Holstein cows are producing 8000 litres of milk in 305 days.

The fat content in the buffalo milk is 8% whereas in cow milk it is in between 3% and 4%. Thus the 20 litres of buffalo milk per day is equal to 40 litres of cow milk. Milk production of India is increasing because of Holstein and Buffalo where 50% comes from buffalo, but the number of Desi Cows are decreasing. There are some advantages and disadvantages of keeping a cow or buffalo.

dairy production, Holstein

Advantages of Holstein Friesian Cow

  • It is maturing in 30 months.
  • There is no seasonality it calves throughout the year.
  • Very high quality sexed semen is available.
  • MOET and is possible.
  • The semen of A2 Holstein is available.
  • They are very easy to be managed.
  • The milking machine is quite successful.
  • The feed conversion efficiency is high.
  • Their sign of heat are very visible.
  • These cows are available for 1 lac to 1.5 lac rupees. You can purchase any no. of these cows from Punjab.

Disadvantages of Keeping Holstein

  • They can only be maintained at 20°C.
  • Tick-borne and frustration, Babesia and Theileria is a big problem.
  • Male calves are of no use.
  • These animals need intense veterinary care.
  • At the time of calving, they need extra care.
  • Their calf rearing is technical.
  • Their bullock cannot be used in agriculture.
  • The sexed semen is costly.
  • Milk cannot be sold easily.

Advantages of Keeping Buffalo

  • Its milk has very high-fat content.
  • It has an aquatic behaviour. So they don’t need a fan.
  • They can calve for 15 to 20 times.
  • The old buffalo and young buffalo calf’s can be easily sold.
  • Their male can be used in paddy cultivation and pulling cart.
  • There is no problem with selling buffalo milk.

Disadvantages of Keeping Buffalo

  • Its initial cost is over 2 lac rupees.
  • Buffaloes are seasonal breeders. It breeds in a short day.
  • Multiple ovulation is not possible.
  • The sign of heat is not pronounced.
Jersey Cow

 Advantages of Jersey Cow

  • High fat % in milk.
  • Milk is good for making milk products like Cheese, Curd, Cream etc.
  • Jersey cows milk is as good as buffalo milk.
  • In a lactation, they produce above 6000 litres.
  • Early maturity, 24 months, no reproductive problems, No seasonality
  • You can purchase any no of cows from Punjab.
  • Many jersey cows are producing are 6000 in 305 days, 200 litres per day.
  • Very high quality sexed semen is available.
  • They can be maintained for 6 or 7 lactations.
  • There is no need for special fodder.
  • Cows multiply by a factor of 7, if in one-year cow calves for 10 times you will get 7 calves, where 3 will be male and 4 will be female calves.
  • They are cheaper than Holstein and buffalo.

Disadvantages of Jersey Cow

  • There are no disadvantages of keeping Jersey Cow. Only one disadvantage that their male calf can not be used for anything, but with the use of sexed semen this problem is also got solved.

If anybody who is starting a dairy, they should start the dairy with Jersey cows as they are cheaper than the buffalo and Holstein cows, and are easy to maintain as they don’t need any special fooder requirements.

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Nitish kumar May 24, 2020

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Nawaz June 2, 2020

You are doing a great work sir.
Can you please tell us about Guernsey Cow and benefits of it's milk.