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History of Reproduction

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Here I am giving the list of some historical events related to Reproduction.

History of Reproduction, Leeuwenhoek


1677 – Leeuwenhoek first saw spermatozoa under a microscope.

1780– Spallanzani produced four pups of the dog by injecting solid of semen in the uterus of dog. He was the first who reported the effects of cooling on sperm.

1897 – Heap, England AI (artificial insemination) in Rabbit.

1930 – AI (artificial insemination) in cattle, sheep, pig and horse.

1933 – AI (artificial insemination) corporation of Denmark.

1937 – AI corporation of USA.

193940 – AI in cattle, in Europe was 90% and in the USA 60%.

1949 – Use of glycerol for cryopreservation.

1950 – Use solid carbon dioxide at -60°, liquid nitrogen -196° C.

1960 – Boosting fertility of frozen semen by addition of a special protein.

Embryo transfer

1971 – Embryo transfer.

1980 – Control of estrus.

1998 – Microinjection of the ovum.

1999 – Sexing of semen.

2000 – Fixed-time AI (synchronization).


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