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Cow Urine Facts

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When sun rays fall on the water in plants this separates hydrogen from water molecules, the separated hydrogen then goes to chlorophyll. With the help of light and dark reaction and carbon fixation, carbohydrate and fats are formed and stored in the animal body as reserve food. For the formation of protein and DNA, the nitrogen is needed which is fixed by the microbes through the nitrogen cycle. The protein and DNA are not stored on break down, they release ammonia which is excreted as ammonia, uric acid or as urea, in fish, birds and mammals respectively.

We are concerned with broken down of water by the plant. As hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen with carbon in the atmosphere by photosynthesis produces carbs, which interm in animals formed fat. The broken down of fats releases water. So the Bos indicus cow produces water from stord fat. So they are need for water is little. In the desert or tropical area, their man needs water for survival they must have been drinking urine.

In cows, the cellulose is fermented and acetic and butyric acids are formed. These acids in turn from fat which on hydrolysis gives water in tropical countries. Urea is not much excreted out of the body of the cow. As urea is recycled through saliva into the rumen. In the rumen, the rumen microbes again form microbial protein which is a source of protein in the cow.

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Recycling of Urea in Rumen

The point over here is that as there is not much urea in cow urine and tropical cow the Bos indicus has a lot of reserve fat in hump so in the desert by hydrolysis the cow body fat can meet its water demand to quench the human thirst or the survival. The grass-fed cow urine is highly alkaline so it is it neutralizes acidity, kills bacteria, and if used on crop as fertilizer and pesticide.

I had in my mind that why man drinks cow urine and as professor of animal physiology, I am giving the possible reasons for drinking cow urine the other details are given below.

In fish, ammonia is released as such in water. The bird excrete ammonia out of the body as uric acid which is insoluble in water. Uric acid does not mix in soil, as such birds perching on trees make the land unfertile due to the excessive insoluble nitrogenous compound. Birds are carnivorous they eat insect and dead or live animals and birds excretes lot of uric acid. Carnivorous excrete urea which is soluble in water and work as a fertilizer in agriculture.

The farmer in tropic feeds mustered oil, which is stored in the body and used as a source of water to cow in water scarcity. This mechanism of water production in Boss indicus is giving life to the humans in the desserts. So the cow urine must have been used as a life saving drink for humans.

The camel can live for 21 days without water and can produce milk on which the nomads survive in Arabia, Asia and North Africa.

The exotic cow producing over 30-litre milk per day requires 10kg feed, 50kg greens and 100-litre water will give you a lot of urine. But the use of fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides in growing grains and use of genetically modified BT cotton in producing cattle feed does not warrant drinking cow urine. Cow urine of Bos indicus may be life-saving in the desert but its medicinal use is subject of investigation.

Most of the Bos indicus or the humped cows have short lactation, 150 days or more. Once they are pregnant they do not give milk and the pregnancy hormone like estrogen and progesterone comes in urine so is a matter of investigation as hormones are carcinogenic. In the advanced pregnancy and after calving the hormone are excreted in high quantity so after calving the milk is not consumed. Even colostrum is not used by pregnant women. As it may cause abortion in women. The presence of the cystic ovary and ovarian cancer in cow can have urine loaded with hormones, so the urine of such cows will be dangerous.

The early pregnancy (from 28 to 4o days) in Mare urine and serum we have Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG) which is used in cattle embryo transfer, So PMSG has its own commercial value from the last 50 years. The same in the case of production of Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) from early pregnancy human urine. The HCG is used in the treatment of human reproduction, cow reproduction and production of test tube baby. But cow urine has not proved for any product till now. The high pH of cow urine is bactericidal and it is good as a pesticide if preserved at low-temperature. In cancer, treatment its use is not proven. However, we placebo cow urine can not be denied.

Consult your veterinarian and doctor, for drinking cow urine in the following conditions.

  • If the cow has aborted due to brucellosis.
  • If the cow has metritis or mastitis.
  • If the cow is on urea feeding.
  • Recently calved cow or about to calve cow.
  • Urine from exotic concentrate fed cow.
  • Preserved (stored) urine.

We do not criticize or advocate drinking of the cow urine. But we are giving facts about the cow urine to best of our knowledge from human health point of view.

Due to polluted water in cold countries of the western world had started drinking beer to get rid of water borne disease. In fact the beer was popular before bread. The bread making had been outcome of beer making. Making beer has been possible in cold climate. In tropics the alkaline cow urine must have been used to get rid of the microbial infection and acidity problems. The cow urine is specifically used because the cow does not excrete urea in its urine. Now the placebo effect of cow urine can not be denied. It is matter of believe cures so many diseases.

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