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Dairy animals
Tuesday / Feb 26, 2019 /

100 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Dairy Animals PART – 2

UK Atheya / Agriculture, Cattle, Dairy, Milk Production /

Difference between cheese and curd? Curd is formed by microbial growth, in this case a lactose is broken down into lactic acid, and this reaction takes place at 37°C. Whereas, cheese making is enzymatic reaction, the movement enzyme rennin is added to the milk is curdled. It takes few minute then the curdle milk is…

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Saturday / Feb 23, 2019 /


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The crossing of native cow started before world war first in the British colony. It was in Bangalore that the first crossbred were produced in 1910 at this time the cows were reared for production of bullocks if cows were calving with male calves then the all the milk was fed to male calves. Sale…

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Cattle Nutrition
Friday / Feb 22, 2019 /

Digestive Physiology of the Ruminant (COW)

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Rumen has four compartments, and the rumen itself is 57% of all the compartments. In the baby calf, it is 30%. The second area is reticulum it is 57% of all the compartments. This is also called honeycomb area and also known as hardware area because cow eats wire or nail it is lodge in that…

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Friday / Feb 15, 2019 /

डेयरी के असफल होने के कारण

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जब तक हम 3 या 4 गाय या भैंस से 20 से 25 लीटर दूध पैदा करते है और पशुओं की देखभाल भी स्वयं करते है अर्थात लेबर पर निर्भर नहीं होते है तब तक डेयरी का व्यवसाय अधिक लाभकारी दिखाई देता है लेकिन जैसे ही हम 100 से 200 लीटर दूध पैदा करने की…

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Dairy animals
Thursday / Feb 14, 2019 /

100 Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) on Dairy Animals

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1. What is Brazilian Gir Cow? Brazil has imported Gir Cows from India 100 years back. These cows were imported for beef production, but some of the cows were producing a good quantity of milk because their lactation length was long over 305 days. These Gir cow are heat resistant tick resistant and no reproductive…

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Wednesday / Feb 13, 2019 /

नया सस्ता चारा – अजोला तथा मोरंगा

UK Atheya / Agriculture, Cattle Nutrition, Moringa /

अजोला सूखे में या बिना पानी के इस पौधे की मृत्यु हो जाती है। इसलिए पौधे को अजोला कहा जाता है। इसको मसकीटो फर्न, डक वीड फर्न, फेरी फर्न, फेरी मांस या वाटर फर्न कहते है। इस फर्न पती के नीचे एनीवीना एजोली नाम का जीवाणु लगा रहता है। जो कि वायुमण्डल से नाइटोजन लेकर…

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Wednesday / Feb 13, 2019 /


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By making Silage, we can harvest all the crops in one day. Silage may be made by the landed farmer. If the landed farmer is cultivating maize on his own land then he has to invest in seed irrigation and fertilizer including labour cost all this accounts for Rs. 2000/- per Acer and in two…

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Indian breeds of cows
Tuesday / Feb 12, 2019 /

डेयरी खोलने के लिए दुग्ध पषुओं का चयन

UK Atheya / Buffalo Breed, Cattle Breeds, Cattle General Information, Cattle Milk Production, Cattle Reproduction, Dairy, Milk Production /

डेयरी खोलने में भैस के लिए मुर्रा भैंस रखी जाती है। लेकिन गाय की डेयरी खोलने में यह प्रश्न उठता है कि देशी गाय रखे या विदेशी गाय रखें। दूध देने वाली देशी गायों में प्रमुख जातियां साहिवाल, गिरि, थरपारकर, हरियाणा एवं कंकरेज गाय है। लेकिन साहिवाल गाय तथा गिरि गाय अधिक ख्याति प्राप्त कर…

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feeding cow and calf
Sunday / Feb 10, 2019 /


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Fodder feed and Water requirement for Cow and Calf Water Requirement After milking water is necessary, in hot climate cow takes about 80 liter of water and in cold 40 liters. The automatic water system is shown in figure. The more is dry fodder the greater is water need. Bhusa has no water, berseem contains…

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Friday / Feb 08, 2019 /


UK Atheya / Cattle, Cattle Fodder, Cattle General Information, Cattle Milk Production, Dairy /

Udder of cow is for formation of milk. The external and microscopic structure of cow is given below. The alveoli shown above is unit of milk formation. 10-100 alveoli are at one place. A alveoli is surrounded by blood capillaries. The milk nutrient are passed from capillary to alveolar cells. The alveolar cells pass nutrient…

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