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Progeny Tested Bulls

If I am intelligent then it is not necessary that my son will be intelligent. Or I may not be intelligent, but my son might be very intelligent. It proves that intelligence is not inherited, the same is the case in the milk trait. It is not necessary that if the cow is producing more milk than its daughter will be producing more milk.

So as to see that daughters are producing more milk than the mother, you will have to wait for at least 3 years. After 3 years with calculation, this can be found out that weather the daughter is producing more milk than the mother or not.

If the daughter is producing more milk than the mother then the bull is progeny tested. So on a large herd, you will have to test 100 bulls. This is not surprising that out of 100 bulls only 2-5% bulls are progeny tested. These bulls semen is tested for no. of sperm count, losses during cryopreservation and fertility, the bulls which are not proven are used for meat purpose in European countries like Canada, and the USA, thus it is difficult for India to produce progeny tested bulls. The bulls of high producing cow of European and American origin had been gifted to India.

These bulls have given a varied response. The semen of the progeny tested bulls are supplied by American and European companies. No country would like to spare its progeny tested bulls. Further, bulls transportation and adjustment in a hot climate is a big problem.

European and North American companies are supplying the frozen semen of the bulls to India. As the semen is from progeny tested bulls, it has given better results.

For India what is the solution for progeny tested bulls?

The embryos of the progeny tested bulls brothers are imported to India and through embryo transfer technology bulls are produced. In Dehradun, Uttarakhand, embryo transfer unit of Kalsi has done a remarkable work of producing embryo transfer bulls (ET Bulls) from the embryos imported from Canada. These ET bulls are produced elsewhere in India. Thus the embryo transfer technology is enhancing the milk production in countries by supplying these bulls. This work is being done by Dr Ajay Aswal of Embryo transfer unit of Kalsi, Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

Brazil has produced progeny tested bulls of Giri breed. The cow produced from these bulls is producing 50 ltr of milk per day, and some of the cows have produced even 100 ltr per day. The semen of progeny tested Brazilian Giri is available firm American breed association, ABS India. The unsexed semen of the Giri bull progeny tested, form Brazil is available within country for about 200 rupees and the sexed semen is also available for rupees 2,000 per dose. You can contact ABS India.

Chetak Gir Bull From ABS India Source:

If the high producing Holstein produced by ABS semen and giving over 50 litres of milk per day. It can be inseminated with Brazilian Gir semen. Thus the outcome of Holstein and Brazilian Gir will result in the production of Girolandio. Girolandios are superior then the crosses of Sahiwal and Red Sindhi with Holstein because Brazilian Gir is from progeny tested bulls.

In this way, we hope soon we will see a lot many high producing Gir cows producing no male calves as sexed semen will be used. and when Gir progeny tested Gir sexed semen will be used on Holstein elite Holstein cows it will result in the production of Girolandio. So in future for overcoming the problem of global warming tick-borne diseases, repeat breeding and mastitis are likely to overcome by this strategy.

In Punjab and other states of India govt. has secured sexed frozen semen of progeny tested Gir Bulls. This will result in solving the problem of the male calf. this will result in the replacement of dairy herd with indigenous cows with the double represent rate.

Bhavnagar Gujrat Embryo Production Unit

Brazil has donated Gujrat Govt. 2 crore rupees for establishing Giri cow embryo production unit. The Giri cows were imported to brazil about 100 years back and because of the ban on the export of India indigenous cows now the embryos of Giri cow have transported/sale to brazil and all over the world. This is been done, to infuse the original Giri Cow. This unit is earning foreign exchange to India and is adding to the Indian economy.