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Is Cow Dung is Producing Organic Farm Products?

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organic farming and cow dung

The Organic vegetable, cereal, and horticulture producing farmers claim that they do not use chemical fertilizers, herbicides, weedicides and pesticides. For growing vegetables cereal and fruits.

I completely agree that the cow dung with its nutrients and microflora is a good substitute of fertilizers and weedicides, pesticides and fungicides. It seems that products are organic and their consumption will keep us away from diseases like diabetes, cancer and nervous disorders. I am personally in favour of such practices but from some time I am getting aware of the fact that the veterinarians are using antibiotics, dewormers, pesticides and hormones, which are excreted in the cow dung.

Further, if the cattle feed contains cottonseed cake, then that too is coming from genetically modified BT Cotton. Which is also harmful to human health.

It is for these reasons that the milk from a grass-fed cow is available at a high cost in supermarkets.

So, our organic farming followed by the dung of dairy cattle is subjected to a big question mark. And unless the proper investigation is made we may not claim that the farm products grown on cow dung are organic.

Only the food which is grown on the cow dung of Desi cow which is fed only in the grass is organic. As a veterinarian I have been injecting different medicines to the dairy animals as such I always think that this is excreted in the dung and the food grown on cow dung may not be organic.

This matter may be investigated at the government label where they are producing organic items under the organic farming scheme. In hills, the cow is mostly grass-fed and cows are mainly kept for their dung for horticulture and vegetable production.

But keeping exotic cows on medicines may not be producing cow dungs free of chemicals. Because of the season that big organic farming projects are implemented in the hills. Bhutan state is designated as the organic farming state.

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