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Emerging Cow Breeds

Since from the early 70s crossbreeding with different exotic breeds of European and North American region had been introduced for the boosting up the milk production of the country.

Crossbreeding has been done to produce milk and bullocks. With the mechanization of farming and better means of communication and sale of milk the bullocks are no longer required. And instead of crossbreeding pure Holstein or jersey cows has been maintained with very high production of milk. These cows are producing 40-50 litres of milk per day by using excellent progeny tested bull semen supplied by abs India and ST India.

These cows are very susceptible to high temperature and blood protozoan. So as to solve these 2 problems, progeny tested semen of the Brazilian Giri cow has been used on elite Holstein. This cross has resulted in the production of Holstein Giri cross known as Girolandio. This cow is heat resistant and does not affect by blood protozoans.

Recently Haryana has claimed production of Hardhenu which is also heat resistant and not affected by the blood protozoans. These may be the cows of the future for boosting milk production on the door of a poor farmer.

Sayan Bala April 28, 2020

Sir Girlando ka semen kaha se uplabdh hoga?