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The cattle population in five countries is more than human population.

These countries are Uruguay, New Zealand, Argentina, Australasia and Brazil. The exact numbers are shown in the table below:

Uruguay has 12,108,000 cattle and 33,68,595 human.  The ration of cattle to human is 3.59. Wereas India has ration of 1 to 0.24 means human are more cattle is less or say there are four human for a cattle which is reserve of Uruguay (Per human there are 3.5 cattle.) In New Zealand human population is 4.5 million and cattle population is 10 million and cattle population is 10 million so approximately there are two cattle per human.
In Argentina there are 40 million human populations and 52 million cattle (Radio 1:1.3) In Australia and Brazil human and cattle population is approximately same. In India there 300 million cattle and buffalo and less than human population is 1250 million (1:0.24). So there are four human per cattle. When we compare land then India has 3 million sq kilometers and Brazil has 8 million sq kilometer. Australian has 17 million kilometer and United State has 9 million kilometer. America is producing milk from 10 million cow we produce milk from 200 million. Average milk production of milk in America is 30 kg/day. Our milk production is 2-3 liter. We do not raise the cattle for meat. But in America and other beef eating countries 60% cattle is raised for beef and 40% milk, Petrol production countries import beef and milk producing animal from. Europe, America, Australia.
Japan 38,50,000 (3.8 million) cattle and 127.3 million human population. Their human to cattle ration is lowest 0.03 means there are 30 human per cattle. Japans eat beef but it mostly comes from Europe and
America. India is largest beef exporter and we export beef to Vietnam.


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