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Why Goat Milk Considered Superior to Buffalo Milk

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Goat is the first livestock to be domesticated. It gives milk, hide, meat and hide. The milk is the best milk because the fat globules found in goat milk are smallest of the all milk. The Fat globules size is next to the size of human milk. The cow milk fat globule size is bigger to goat milk fat globule size and the buffalo milk fat globule size.

The fat in food is not broken down and broken down and is not goes in in body through the blood circulation. It is absorbed through the lacteal in the vili and circulated through the lymph.

The absorption, the globule size, and the low fat content of fat are some quality of goat milk which makes it boon to chees making and human nutrition. (The fat content of human, goat, cow, and buffalo milk are 2, 3, 4 and 6 %) The fat %, globule size are very close to the human milk so this milk is suitable to children and sick persons.

Goat browse on variety of weed which is not sprayed with pesticides so it’s milk is free of the carcinogenic effect of pesticide. Further the use of chemical fertilizer and genetically modified crops has the adverse effect on human health but he goat does not eat crop. The grains from the genetically modified soya maize wheat are also fed to the goats raised for meat and provide milk.

Goat milk has played a major role in the economic viability of many developing countries of the world, as well as some developed countries in the Mediterranean region, including France, Italy, Spain, and Greece, through its utilization for manufacture of cheeses and other products (Juàrez and Ramos, 1986;

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