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Traumtic Pericarditis

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Pericardia is a covering, enveloping heart of cow and buffalo. Its infection is known as pericarditis. This occurs when there is trauma and injury to this layer. Cows and buffalos are indiscriminate eater, with their fodder they eat spring or nail.

Once the spring goes to inside rumen than from rumen it goes to reticulum, the second compartment of the stomach. From here it cannot go further so here it injurious the reticulum and it start touching heart. It is very painful for the animal it cannot sit; it has arch back and in later stages there is swelling in between for legs. Its treatment is not possible and prognosis is grave. However, if there is abscise on chest near elbow bone process, than it can be open and the foreign object can be remove.

I have personal a removed these objects about three for times in a year. After removing the foreign object the animal survive. So, it is not a common in field, but sometimes cases come and the farmer and veterinary field staff knows it by their experience and they can tell about the prognoses.

Swelling in lower body part of cow. Prognosis grave

Arch Back