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Tools for Treating Repeat Breeding

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  • MOET technology (Multiple Ovulation Embryo Transfer Technology)
  • IVF (In-vitro Fertilization)
  • Cloning


In pig and dog there is a multiple ovulation and number of piglet and pups are too many. Whereas in man and cow there is a single ovulation. Only one ovulating cell ovulates however by injecting increasing quantity of follicular stimulating hormone available in market we can cause multiple ovulation in cow, a multiple ovulation by injecting FSH does not work well in buffalos. However indigenous breeds like Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, and Giri response better than exotic breeds.

In artificial insemination the quality of semen, ovulation and fertilization and survival of embryo in hot climate are the issues responsible for repeat breeding. In multiple ovulation and embryo transfer technique after super ovulation with increasing amount of FSH the cows are inseminated with a quality sexed semen thus these ovum fertilize and form embryo.

This fertilization takes place in oviduct then the super ovulated embryos are transported to uterus. Where they are freely floating in the lumen of the uterus till the 8th day. These embryos can be harvested by flushing. The flushing technique of the embryo is brief shown below.

The cow which is super ovulated is given prostaglandins to dissolve the corpus luteum because the number of ova shed are not rushed, and they may remain in the uterus and may result in development of the multiple embryos in the uterus. Thus the embryo collected can be frozen or fresh embryos can be transferred into the sorbet mother, which are synchronised and are on 8th day of cycle. The embryos are transferred in the luteal phase.

The number of embryos collected can vary from few embryos to 100 embryos, a record embryo transfer resulted in about 100 calves born whereas over ten to 20 calves have been produced by Dr. Kamal Singh under ULDB project in Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. This technique is being followed in the country and is been employed for the production of bulls from the embryos imported from the elite cows from foreign country and within India.

The technique is a bit costly however ABS India has come forward to provide embryo transfer facilities in Hissar Agriculture University, Haryana. The ABS India is claiming to produce embryo produced calves from embryo transfer technique within country for the increment of 10thousand rupees.

In this scheme the ABS takes guaranty to establish pregnancy with the collected embryos within country, for this you may contact Mr. Rajeev Sinha of ABS whose telephone no is 8910708631. The same type of program is conducted by Amul in Gujarat.

Thus the problem of repeat breeding is being seems to be solved by this technique and the greatest hurdles of repeat breeding is being solved. It is not necessary to super ovulate the cow with a recent technique of ovum pickup direct from ovary via the rectum and maturing the ovum by fertilizing in test tube and transferring it in the cow as resulted in production of test tube cows in India.