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Sirohi Goat

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The Sirohi goat is an Indian breed of goats, which is native of Sirohi a district in Rajasthan, hence it is named Sirohi. But this is also known as the Ajmeri, Devgarhi. Sirohi goats can be found in Ajmer, Jaipur and Tonk districts. This goat is very popular as a meat goat breed. Its flesh (meat) is sold at 350 rupees per kg in Rajasthan.

Sirohi Goat
Sirohi Goat

Characteristics of Sirohi Goat

Sirohi is a medium sized breed of goats, Brown in colour, and dark and light brown patches on body. Sirohi goat has medium sized ears, similar to a leaf like structure. Tail is always curved upwards and medium in length.

Sirohi Goat
Light or Dark Brown patches on Sirohi

Sirohi bucks (male) are much heavier than the doe (female), an adult buck weight is about 50 kg and the adult doe is about 30 kg.

Uses of Sirohi

This goat is mainly raised for meat production, this is due to its weight gaining capability under poor quality rearing conditions, while milk production of this goat is not that popular. Sirohi is also used in commercial meat production.

Specialities of Sirohi

Sirohi goat is very adaptable to climate conditions. This goat also loves browsing, but can also stall fed. An adult Sirohi requires 3-5 kg of green fodder every day. The first kidding age is 18-20 months. Usually, a Sirohi doe kids twice in a year. Sirohi female goat yields 0.5-0.7 liters of milk per day.

Size averageMaleFemale
Body weight (kg)50 kg30 kg
Body length (cm)6860
Body girth (cm)7065

Sirohi Goat Kid

It gives birth to a new kid twice in a year.

Sirohi Kids
Sirohi Kids

Vaccination & Feeding is same as the Barbari goat click on the link below for more details.

Nirmal Bais January 22, 2020

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