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The Saanen Goat is originated from Switzerland (domestic Swiss breed), this is well known for the good milk production, its milk is distributed over eighty countries in the world. It is a highly productive dairy goat. This goat is worldwide popular, the total world population of this goat is over 9,00,000, where 14,000 are in Switzerland. Because of its high milk producing capacity, it was exported world-widely. And it has given rise to more sub-breeds, by crossbreeding with local goats.

Characteristics of Saanen Goat

Saanen goats are commonly white in colour but sometimes light brown colour can be seen. This is the largest breed of Swiss goats. an adult male (Buck) Saanen goat weights about 70-90 kg and an adult female (doe) goat weights about 60-70 kg. The neck is long in size, but the legs are short, and short hairs are present on the body. Ears are always upwards. The udder of this goat is large. Some small black spots on the ear, neck, and in the udder can be seen.

Male Saanen Goat
Male Saanen Goat
Female Saanen Goat
Female Saanen Goat

Specialties of Saanen Goat

The Saanen is the most milk productive goat in Switzerland, and also have the first place in milk production over the world. It has a lactation period of about 260 days and yields 830 kg of milk. On average, a Saanen Goat gives 3.8 liters milk a day (where Barbari has a lactation period of 100 days and gives 1 kg per day). And its milk has 3.5 % of fat and 2.5 % of protein quantity, which is good for manufacturing all the dairy products particularly cheese. This goat loves to stay in shady places, and can not tolerate the sunlight highly. This goat breeds one time in a year and gives birth to one or a pair of kid each time.

Saanen with Her Kid
Saanen with Her Kid


When it comes to feeding a high producing goat, the feed should contain all the nutrients, and extra proteins and energy. Good food and clean water should be provided every day.


This goat loves to stay in shady places, but it cannot tolerate direct sunlight. Housing should be shady and fully ventilated and cool place.

Minimum and Maximum temperature in Switzerland is shown in the Table below.

Min (°C)-2-11481113131072-1
Max (°C)46101419232625211584
Min (°F)283034394652555550453630
Max (°F)394350576673797770594639

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