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Retention of Placenta in Cattle

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Retention of Placenta is associated with brucella and hormonal dis-balance at the time of  parturition (at the time of calving).

At the time of calving if the cattle or buffalo is not properly fed, then there are chances of retention of placenta.

In very week cow and buffalo, the placenta is not expelled. If Placenta is not expelled after the birth of calf, the owner should not worry. He should milk the cow and feel colostrum (first milk) to the calf. The owner should take care that, animal does not eat its own placenta. Placenta is usually expelled if 5 mg, 17 beta estradiol is injected once intra muscularly. The hanging placenta can be pulled and be removed. However with the naked hand the placenta should not be touched, because the animal may be suffering from Brucella, which is a communicable disease to humans. Brucella may cause fever in men and abortion in women.

The dogs should not be allowed to eat the placenta, because if they eat they may carry Brucella which will cause abortion in bitch and she will transfer this to other dairy animals.

The placenta has got  a very high amount of oestrogen. This high amount of estrogen may cause abortion in pregnant ladies. The first milk after calving also contains high amount of estrogen and because of this reason it is not fed to pregnant ladies. The high amount of estrogen in first milk- colostrum is also likely to effect the menstrual cycle in women.  The high amount of estrogen in first milk also effect the testosterone level in men and may cause temporary sterility.

it is for these above said reasons, traditionally first 8 days milk is not taken in human consumption by society in India. They take this milk to temple for the first 8 days.

High amount of estrogen in placenta also effect blooming in plants thats why a great care should be taken to dispose it off.

Once the placenta is expelled, antibiotic treatment should be given by the veterinarian and nutritional care of the animals with respect to minerals and vitamins should be taken on the recommendation of the veterinary doctor.

For proper expulsion of placenta: feeding or injection of selenium & vitamin E seems to work wonderfully well. This selenium  and Vitamin E also boosts immunity of the animal which in terms  does not allow the infection of uterus after giving berth to the calf.

पशु के बियाने के बाद जेर के रूक जाने पर 24 घंटे तक कोई परेशानी की बात नहीं हैं।

परन्तु बच्चे को दूध पिलाने के लिए जेर निकलने को इंतजार नहीं करना चाहिए। बच्चे को तुरन्त दूध पिला देना चाहिए। दूध पिलाने से कभी-कभी जेर निकल जाती है। इस तरह बच्चे को दूध पिलाना उसके स्वास्थ्य के लिए आवश्यक है। ब्याने से पहले सिलिनियम और विटामिन ई (E) का इंजेक्सन लगवाना चाहिए।

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