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Repeat Breeding and Pandemic

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Till 70’s the milk has not been sold from villages, but now due to huge processing plants, milk is being sold. The milk production has become a big enterprise. To increase the milk production exotic breeds like Jersey and Holstein are being maintained. The sexed semen of these two breeds has meant fast replacement of herd. By replacement of herd we need. If you will keep 10 cows then they are likely to give you 7 calves in a year, out of which 3 or 4 will be male and only 3 females per year can be produced. Now with the availability of sexed semen the production of female calf per year has doubled.

The production of exotic animals faces some problems like high temperature proper housing, vaccination treatment of tick borne diseases and deworming. These animals are prone to suffer of mastitis, brucellosis. The above mentioned difficulties can be tackled by veterinarian. However, the issue of repeat breeding (after several inseminations the cow does not conceive) not solved.

Repeat Breeding and Pandemic

Because of the lockdown from the beginning of 2020, many educated young people in the age group of 25-35 has been moved to their hometown and villages. This has compelled them to work online from home and thinking to explore the possibility of animal keeping. This includes fish, goats, buffalo, Desi cows and the exotic cows.

All of these the exotic cow seems to be more promising because it gives milk every day and it is a good source of income. Because of the green revolution have been irrigated area of western U.P., Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat and MP. With the introduction of the high yielding exotic breeds of North American and European origin it is very much possible to produce 100 litres of milk from 10-15 animals. These animals survive very well on the agriculture by-products like wheat straw and paddy straw has meant the production of milk without land.

The keeping of the exotic cows like Jersey and Holstein has become a leading business to the property dealer, hotel owners and the educational institutions. With the availability of inputs like disease control, reproduction, nutrition, management, and environmentally controlled housing has meant the keeping of dairy animal as an investment.  In the recent time the availability of the frozen sexed semen producing only the female calves has revolutionized the dairy industry.

The rate of replacement of herd is has doubled. Mostly the cow and buffalo are purchased from Punjab Haryana and western UP.  The cost of transportation from these area is very high. It is necessary for farmer to produce cows or buffalos along with the production of milk. The biggest constrain in this venture is repeat breeding.

The failure of conception after repeated artificial insemination service, this is too much discouraging and this involves factors like quality of semen, trained personals, reproductive technology, nutrition, control of blood parasites, internal parasites and external parasite, and pathological conditions of the uterus etc.


Use of good quality semen from reputed companies like ABS India, and Sexcel etc., gives better conception rate and high milk production. This can be a tool to overcome repeat breeding in cattle. I have given the details of these famous sexed semen on my YouTube channel.