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Red Water Disease in Cow

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It is a disease of Cattle known as red water disease, it is causing great losses in all breeds of cows and buffalo.


High temperature, red urine, and anemia, and jaundice, and if not treated initially then the animal may die.

This disease does not affect young animals of 6-9 months of age. This can be treated by medicine named Ready to Use Marketed by MSD Company, this has Diminazene, this is also known as Barenil®, this has to be given with antibiotics once only.

Once the animal has been recovered, it has to be given iron and vitamins. Sometimes this infection gets mixed with Anaplasmosis and Theileria. It can be diagnosed by blood smear. In cattle, there is Babesia bovis and Babesia bigemina.

And it can be controlled by the control of ticks. It can occur in any month but in summer months when there are ticks its probability is more.

Consult your veterinarian.

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