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Oxytocin is peptide (protein) having ten amino acid. It is release from hypothalamus in brain. Through nerves and in body it is circulated through blood.

Sound, touch, sight, light or love cause release of Oxytocin. Its release is short and it works on basket cells of milk alveoli. In cow it comes in wave for ten to five minutes. So, milking machine completes milking is less then 10 minutes. No matter how much milk a cow is giving. Hand milk in should be quickly. If cow fails to release milk then oxytocin has to be injected. In veterinary science oxytocin is used in cow, buffalo, horse, pig and sheep in for uterine contraction for expelling fetus outside womb once cervix is open (not used in dogs) or it is used for letdown of milk.


One ml of  injection has 2 IU oxitcin as per USP. It has to be kept at 15 to 200e.


  • At time of delivery.
  • For cleaning after matritis.
  • After surgery of utters.
  • Treatment of mastitis.
  • Let down of milk.


  • Horse and cow delivery dose 100 IU Intramuscular or Intravenous.
  • Pig or sheep 30-50 IU Intramuscular or Intravenous.

Letdown of milk

Cow 10-20 IU Intramuscular.

Pig 5-20 IU, Intramuscular.


  • Not to be used if there is dystokia.
  • Delivery dose should not be used for milk letdown.
  • Oxytocin used in animal should not be used in human.

To my knowledge it has nothing to do with cancer. It can affect conception if delivery dose is used for letdown of milk.