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Milk is basic necessary of human being. However, in absence of agricultural land in big cities it has not been possible to keep dairy cow, goats and buffalo where is the cost of milk is double in villages. 

Now with development of new technology, hydroponic we can grow fodder for dairy cow, buffalo goat and poultry. There is no need for soil; only thing, we require is light and water plus 20 degree temperature. In seven to eight days the fodder is available. From one kg grains we can get 8 kg of fodder in a days.

This technique reduces the cost of fodder by 25%. And it is boon for dairying in drought from area. The method of growing fodder is four stage processes, which is describe below.

 Stage 1:

  • The grains are soaked in water for 24 hours. To avoid growth of fungus 5% concentration domax is used for soaking grains. You can use hydrogen peroxide.

Stage 2:

  • Wash seeds five times to remove domex. Keep seeds in warm (300C) for 24 hours. You need a tray with (2 x 3 x 0.4 feet) for 2 kg grains. You should take tray with holes in bottom for drainage of water.
  • The seed germinate at 20 degree C to 25 degree C.
  • For moist of seed are fogger or sprinklers are used.
  • Constant supply of light is necessary light can be provided by solar lamp.
  • Within 8 days from 1 kg seed you can grow 10kg fodder, sufficient for two cows.
  • pH of water should be 6 to 6.5. That is acidic.
  • Kindly see figure and video given below:

Uses of hydroponic:

  • Water saving process.
  • Saves land, 72 x 72 feet you can grow fodder for 10 cows.
  • This fodder is nutritious.
  • You need only water, light, temperature and pH. No soil or fertilizer is needed.

Harvesting of hydroponic fodder from internet

Different stages of germination and growth in four stages during a days. From 1 kg seeds you can harvest 8 kg fodder. from internet

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Now a days labour is a big problem. So, with the help of  crop harvesting machine we can harvest the fodder in one day and we can make silage with in 16 hours. This silage can be use after 45 days. The harvested crop land may be used for other crop. This will save labour and time. The process of silage making below:


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