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Intermittent Fasting and Constipation

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Intermittent fasting and problems of constipation in Human

With the intermittent fasting problem of constipation is a serious problem. This problem is not much explained by doctors and health worker. Our most of the toxin go out of the body through the stool. The problem of constipation is solved by different people in a different way.  I am narrating my experience.

Hydration of the body is almost important, you must drink water. I every day takes two tablets of Jhandu Nityam an Ayurvedic tablet for constipation.

During the long journey sometimes the constipation is severe, in that case, I take castophene tablets. I go to the gym early in the morning every day and the mild exercise in the gym is very helpful. You may go to the toilet after attending the gym or morning walk. I also take Isabgol husk for release if constipation.

The insoluble fibre in the diet is necessary because the colon bacteria digest the insoluble or resistance starch and they produce butyric acid. Which is good for the health of the gut. If you take antibiotic then the gut microflora is killed and there is a constipation problem. In such conditions, you should take Dahi.

I have the experience that south Indian dishes like sambhar etc. are good for constipation. You can have your own judgement for solving the constipation problem. In the severe condition of constipation, you can also try an enema. Taking one round of liquid paraffin orally also release constipation.

If you are overweight then constipation will be a problem with the reduction of body weight, and proper exercise, dietary information can solve your problem. You can have your own judgement. You can take one spoon of turmeric and one spoon of coconut oil and isabgol husk in the night to release your constipation. Cucumber and bananas have a good account of magnesium which is good for solving the problem of constipation, eating fig also release constipation.

Exercise and Type 2 diabetes

Previously it was thought that for overcoming the problem of type 2 diabetes the low fat and high carbohydrate coupled with exercise is the only cure, following this regimen lot of gyms had opened in Europe America and India, all over the world. But this strategy did not cure the type 2 diabetes and created a lot of health problems, this strategy had incited starvation.

Now with the recommendation of doctor Jason Fung, if you take low carbohydrate moderate proteins and fatty diet with vitamins and minerals then there is no starvation plus u don’t need hectic exercise. Hectic exercise crate tension on the body and release cortisol which adds to weight gain. So the intermittent fasting of over 16 hours to 22 hours, 3-5 days in a week will mobilize body fat. Body force to utilize fats in the absence of low carbohydrates (5-20 gm).

It was earlier thought that the higher fat in the diet will invite cardiac problems due to cholesterol but now it is confirmed that it is the high glucose and high insulin which is causing the inflammation to arteries and once the inflammation is there then the cholesterol sticks on the site of inflammation.

The YouTube video given below confirmed that citrulline and arginine can help to prepare the arteries provided insulin resistance is overcome by intermittent fasting. for your diabetes control and cholesterol, control consult your doctor. I personally take no medication for lowering glucose and cholesterol.

Please see the YouTube video – Timing Loosens Your Jeans Better Than Butter.