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Housing of Holstein

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Cow Housing in Panjab

Holstein is the cow of choice in India for milk production. In India it is gaining popularity as dairy cow. 

There are reasons to keep Holstein

  1. Easily available.
  2. They give 20 to 30 likes of milk.
  3. They are easy to manage.
  4. Their semen is easily available.

 Housing is a complicated. Issue and it differ from place to place.

  • We keep 10 to 20 cows and very rarely people keep 100 cows. I am giving the basic consideration for Holstein housing.
  • Zone of comfort for these cows is -20C to +200 But at the time of winter young and sick cow need temperature of 300C.
  • These above temperature are valid at 50% humidity (keep humidity temperature meter).


  • Please see graph of temperature humidity given below.


  • To save labor keeps cows in open system as shown. Below.
  • Cows in open system need 100 sq/ cow. You can have 2.5 x 40 feet per cow or 4 x 25 feet. So for 10 cows you need 1000 sq feet. Out of 100 sq 50 Sq feet /cow should be covered area. The simple green house net cutting 75% sun will do.
  • As shown in several picture fans should be provided at distance of 12 feet at the height 10 feet.
  • Each cow needs space for store, dispensary, labor housing and milk room. So, you should keep 100 sq feet extra for each cow. So, in total you need 2000 sq feet per for 10 cows.
  • In open system sun should fall at all place.
  • No permanent structure should be made.
  • kindly see freeding and watering system in picture.
  • Housing of calves should be separate according to age 0-3, 3-6, and 6-9 months.
  • Automatic waterer may be use because in sumar a cow drinks 80 liters of water and in winter drinks 40 liters of water. Just after milking cow drinks water.

Cows eat from ground


  • Cow multiply by 0.7. So if you have 10 cow them you will have 7 caves out of 7, 50% will be male. So you may have 3 to 4 females in first year, 6 to 8 female in second year and 9 to 10 female by third year. So within three year you will have 20 cows. So according you should plan house.


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