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Estrus and Anestrus in Cattle and Buffalo

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Induction of oestrus in buffalo heifer using progesterone

Oestrus can be induced in buffalo heifer in the breeding season, by injecting a single dose of 11-hydroxy-progesterone available in the market. After injecting progesterone the buffalo heifer exhibits heat within a week. But do not inseminate in the first heat because there will be no conception. Inseminate in the second heat.

This method is applicable in the breeding season of buffalo that is from Diwali to Holi (November to March).

For Bringing your Animal into a Regular Heat

It is necessary to give a good mineral mixture daily as it will resolve any mineral deficiency in the animal, also before deciding on any mineral mixture one should always compare the mineral composition between different mixtures provided by different brands.

When the animal expresses the second oestrus cycle then it is inseminated with quality proven semen, and the GnRH injection is given at the time of insemination. The insemination is done between 18 to 24 hours of the onset of oestrus.

The pregnancy diagnosis of the cows which are not coming in heat on 21 days of insemination is done at 35 days. So that you don’t miss the next oestrus, which is on 40 days. This is necessary because 20% of the animals exhibit oestrus even when they are not pregnant.

Now different companies are claiming manufacturing pregnancy diagnosis kits, diagnosing pregnancy on the 17th day, this is costly and it is only 80% correct. In the case of embryonic death, it gives a false-positive test.

Pathological Conditions of Anestrus

Sometimes there is pseudopregnancy in the cows which means that the corpus lutetium on the ovary is present and the animal is not pregnant. This can be examined by the veterinarian and if corpus luteum is present then inject 2ml prostaglandin.


The prostaglandin has to be injected on the hip side where the corpus luteum is present. If the corpus luteum is present on the right ovary then inject prostaglandin on the right side, and if it is present on the left ovary then inject to the left.