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Indian Cow Breeds

Here I am discussing some popular breeds of Cows and Buffalo in India, about their habitat and special features, food requirements etc.

Gir Cow

Nawab of Junagarh has started Gir cow farm in 1920. But in 1960 it was transferred to Government of Gujarat in.

Breeds of Cows

In 1972 it was transferred to Junagarh University. This farm is producing Gir bulls. The average production is 7.5 litres per cow in a day. Excellent Gir cow has been giving 6000 to 8000 litres milk in lactation.

Brazilian Gir Cow

Breeds of Cows

There is a lot of talk about Brazilian Gir cows, they are producing over 60 litres of milk a day and the best Brazilian cow has produced over 100 litres of milk. It is not only in milk quantity but also resistant to normal cow diseases, tick and heat resistance.

Red Sindhi

Breeds of Cows

Originally it is from Pakistan. It is also present in India, Bangladesh Srilanka. Uttarakhand (Dehradun) also has Gir cow farm. This cow can produce 6.7 litres milk per day. However, some cows are producing 15 litres of milk per day.

Sahiwal Cow

Breeds of Cows

This cow is from Pakistan Sahiwal district. The cow is the best milk breed. This cow is tick resistant, heat resistance and disease resistant. These cows can service on rough folder. Milk production of this breed is about 10 litre per day but some cows can produce 20 litres of milk per day. Their bulls are slow.

Tharparkar Cow

Breeds of Cows

These cows are from Pakistan. These are heat resistant and good milk producers. Producing up to 10 litres of milk a day. These cows have been crossed with Brown Swiss and Karnal Swiss cow.

Rathi Cow

Breeds of Cows

This is a sister breed of Sahiwal and found in Rajasthan, Bikaner, Hanuman Garh. This is same as Sahiwal, high milk producer, producing 3000 to 4000 in lactation.

Haryana Cow

Breeds of Cows

This cow is from Haryana. It produces high-quality bullocks. It produces 8-10 litres of milk. This cow is heat resistant, disease resistant has no problem in reproduction.

Kankaraj Cow

Breeds of Cows

This cow is from Gujarat. It is heat resistance and disease resistance and it has no reproductive problems. It gives 15,00 litres of milk in lactation. But some Kankraj cows are producing 3000 to 4000 litres of milk in lactation. It has a long life. It has been cross with Holstein in Gujarat milk society (Banas Dairy).

Holstein Cow

Breeds of Cows

This cow is native of Holland. In 1861 it was imported to America and after that Holstein Association of USA was formed in 1994. With the use of frozen semen, its breed has spread all over the world. It gives on an average 30 and 35 litres of milk in the USA and Israel. They are available from Punjab for over 1 lac rupees. This is the commercial cow.

Girolando Cow

Breeds of Cows

This is a cross between Gir and Holstein. It is heat tolerant and tick resistant with the problem of Global warning this cow is likely to quite an importance.

Jersey and Holstein Cow

Breeds of Cows

Good Holstein is crossed with good jersey cow. They perform well. They are less prone to diseases and in reproductive problem.

Friswall Cow

Breeds of Cows

Holstein and Sahiwal cross has resulted in production of Friswall. They produce 15 litres or 4000 – 4500 litres of milk in lactation. They are tick and heat resistant.

Karan Swiss Cow

Breeds of Cows

Crossbreed is no more popular because pure Jersey and Holstein can be maintained and imported high-quality semen of Jersey and Holstein is available from American breed association.

Hardhenu Cow

This is a cross between Holstein Freisian (Breed of North America) and the Haryana and Sahiwal cow (India). This cow breed was developed by Lala Lajpat Rai University of Animal Sciences, this cow matures early and gives a good yield of milk. Average milk production of this cow is 35-40 litres per day. Watch the video for more details.

Hardhenu Cow Breed

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Murrah Buffalo

This is the best milk buffalo. It cost is above 1 lac. Good buffalo are producing over 25 litres. However, 15 to 20 litres is quite common. Milk of this buffalo is widely used in dairy products. It has good demand, all Indian breeds of buffalo are upgraded by Murrah buffalo semen.

Neeli and Ravi Buffalo

This buffalo has a white leg and white spot on forehead. Milk production is slightly less than Murrah. Mostly found in Pakistan and Punjab.

Bhadawari Buffalo

This buffalo milk has the highest fat. It can give up to 14% fat. It is copper-coloured buffalo and found in Agra and Manipur. In lactation, it gives 800 to 1000 litres of milk.

Pandharpuri Buffalo

This cow produces 700 to 1200 litres milk in Lactation. It can tolerate heat and dry climate of central India. It is predominant in western Maharashtra.

Mahasana Buffalo

This is found in Mahisa district. It produces 1200 to 1500 litres milk . can live on the rough folder. It has no breeding problem. But now it is crossed with Murrah buffalo.

Swamp Buffalo

This is a living tractor. Used mainly Pauly farming and meat production. It producer 500 to 700 litres milk in lactation and can be found in Southeastern countries.

Jafarawadi Buffalo

This is from Gujarat. It is very heavy. It bull may weigh 600 to 700 kg. They are low in milk production but fat is 7%. Best milk production has been 30 litres with 18 % fat.

World Buffalo Map (2004)