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Boer Goat with two Kids

The Boer Goat is originated from South Africa, and in early 1900s this goat is used for the commercial production of meat. The name was derived from Africans (Dutch) word Boer which means the farmer. This goat is widely used for meat production, they also produces high milk but are mainly used for meat. It was later imported to India Read more.

Characteristics of Boer Goat

These goats are different from other goats due to their physical characteristics. They have brown head with white body, but some of the goats can be fully white and can be brown, it has long pendulum like ears. Mature Boer buck (male) weights about 110 to 135 kg while a mature Boer doe (female) weights about 90 to 100 kg. Body size of the Boer is large.

Boer Goat
Male Boer
Boer Goat Female
Female Boer

Specialties of Boer Goat

This goat is commonly raised for meat production, and meat of the Boer is very tasty and nutritious, they also produce milk in high amount, but mostly suitable for commercial meat production. This goat is popular for its breeding ability with other breeds, the crossbreeding with this goat gives a good quality of breed. The popular crosses of Boer goats  are Boer with Angora goats, Boer with Nubian goats, Boer with Jamunapari goats and Boer with Sirohi goats etc.

It is a very fast growing goat, a kid of the Boer reaches 35 kg in only 90 days.
This goat falls pregnant 3 times in 2 years, and gives 2 kids per kidding.

Boer Goat with two Kids
Boer Goat with two Kids


Good food always ensures the health of the goats. This goat loves to eat tree leaves, green grasses, corn etc. But the large body size requires huge amount of nutrition as well. Care should be taken in feeding when you are raising Boer Goat.

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