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Blood in Urine

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Sometimes when cows urinate their urine is straw colour or it is bloody it may be due to three reasons

1.Phosphorus deficiency

In this case, there is no temperature. Cow eats normally however because its urine is red so this is matter of concern to owner and owner is very much worried. However, if proper doses of phosphorus is given to the cow then the blood does not come in the urine. Ask your veterinarian to tonophosphan injection under skin, in muscle or in the vein. You may ask your veterinarian to take up the treatment as soon as there is no blood in the urine. The injection should be stopped. However, the mineral mixture containing phosphorus and calcium should be given continuously if the cow is giving milk and it is pregnant and giving milk then the proper dose of mineral mixture is necessary to avoid blood and urine.

2.Eating of breaking fern

This fern is found in hills and if the grass is not available then the cows eat this fern after long-term consumption of this fern cows urine has red colour this is due to tumor in digestive tract. This condition prevails in hills in grazing cows. This is not very common and this is confined to grazing cows and colder Himalayan region.


This is also known as red water disease because there is blood in urine. This is very serious disease of cow. This is like malaria it is due to mosquito bite and after mosquito bite the parasite plasmodium destroy red blood cells. This distraction causes blood in urine.

In babesia the disease is caused by tick bite. That is why it is known as tick borne infection. This is affecting adult cows during the summer month or tick infested cows. When the tick bites the cow then the parasites enter into the blood in blood they are known as merozoites then merozoites form male and female gametes these gametes are in middle part of small intestine. Where they form zygote these zygote go in intestinal cells from where they go to lymph from here it can go to cows tissue or overay from there it goes to tick. In the tick it goes to the slaveries grand of tick where it is known as sporogony then these sporozoite are transmitted to cow. When the tick bites the cow then is causes distraction of red blood cell of cows.

Because these parasites destroy RBC so the cow paints there is high temperature, milk production decrease and if not treated cow may die or cure of the disease we have to give an injection of barainel. This injection is giving once but if you have to repeat then it is repeated after 65 hours. Sometime with basesia there is Theileria but you cannot treat both the disease at same time so for Theileria you should give treatment after 56 hours. With this medicine terramycin 20 mg per kg IV (intravenous) with normal saline. For theliera you may give brupraquin injection. You get all this done by your local veterinarian.

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What if the cow shows difficult in urinating . She releases little urine for longer period.

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