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Blood in Urine and Milk

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Blood in Urine

Sometimes the cow excrete blood in their urine, it is a matter of concern, to the cow owner, this can be due to three reasons.

  • Babesia
  • Phosphorus deficiency
  • When in hills cow eats broken fern



blopod in milk, babesia

In the case of Babesia, there is very high fever or not eating, reduction in blood. Babesia is a blood protozoan, and this may cause the death of the animal. Balenil must be given by your veterinarian.

Phosphorus deficiency

In this case, there is the excretion of bright red colour urine and there is no temperature and animal looks normal. It eats and is quite active. In such cases IV Phosphorus injections must Tonophosphan is recommended. 30-50 ml daily till cow doesn’t recovers, consult your veterinarian.

Due to the eating of fern

When in hills cow eating broken fern then they excrete blood in the urine. So the cow should be restricted from grazing.

Blood in Milk

Apart from blood urine, sometimes there is blood in the milk, after calving. The milk gives pinkish to reddish color and it is a matter of worry to the owner because. Nobody takes to this point, in this case, vitamin C injection is recommended to consult your veterinarian.

Giving lemon juice to cow orally may help. This is not a very serious condition. Within week blood in milk will be naturally get cured.

Sometimes cow eats unwanted things like Soil, Soap, Polythene, Wood, even drinking the urine of other animals. In some cases, they eat hairs of other animals. This condition is known as pica this is due to a mineral deficiency. Particularly calcium and phosphorus, due to intestinal worms. So deworm animal give a sufficient amount of vitamin a and.

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