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Black Bengal Goat

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The Black Bengal goat is a breed of goat found in West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar regions, and its originated from Bangladesh. This breed is usually colored black but it is also found in brown, white or grey. Height of this goat is small but, body structure is tight. It is poor in milk production. It is very popular in Bangladesh because of its low demand for feed and high kid production rate. This can be tool for avoiding suicide by farmers. This can be means of livelihood. Only proper de-worming is needed. This is a zero input venture because they can survive on browsing on the common land and agriculture by products.

Characteristics of Black Bengal Goat

This goat is small in size, with tight body structure. Its horns are small and legs are short. An adult male (buck) goat weights about 25 to 30 kg and female (doe) 20 to 25 kg. They require less space than others. Hair are very smooth.

Black bengal goat
Female Black Bengal Goat

Specialties Of Black Bengal Goat

This goat is not good at milk production. But its low food consumption, and high breeding yield makes this goat famous. This goat can give birth twice in a year. And it gives 2-3 kids at a time. This goat milk is very good, it can prevent various diseases like Asthma, Tuberculosis etc. Disease resistance of this goat is very good compared to other domestic cows. This goat should not be given starchy food because they lack thymine as such starch may not be digested and they may suffer from enterotoximia. This goat can live in the Northern India where temperature is quit low during winter and in winter rains they can stand by high humidity. More details can be found here.

Black bengal goat


Feeding of this goat is very simple. They can eat most vegetables, grasses, and leaves, but a high amount of carrots can be harmful for them. You can also feed them 250-300 grams of home prepared grainy food daily.

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Amit KKumar April 17, 2020

can black bengal goat survive in punjab i am interested to bring this to punjab commercial and big numbers for my goat farm.

Sayan Bala April 28, 2020

Black Bengal is the world's most tastiest meat breed.