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This is a water fern. This grows at 50 to 80% humidity when temperature is 200 to 300C. This can be use in goat, poultry, pig, rabbits, cows and buffalo. For cow and buffalo when it is mixed with bhusa morning and evening then milk production increases by 8 to 10%. For this, ten inches deep 2.5 metre long and 1.5 metre broad bets are made. In this bed three inches soil is laid. This is fertilized by aiding fertilizer mixture which contains SSP 5 kg, Mgso4 750 gram, murate of potash 250 gram of this fertilizer mixture 10 gram is aided per metre2. We should not use gober because its smell does not allow animal to eat it. In this bed aiding Azolla within 21 days. 250 grams of azolla is harvested per day per square metre.

 This small fern as on its lower surface a chlorophyll containing syno Bactria anabina Azolli this bacteria fix nitrogen from atmosphere which makes protein. This is a symbiotic bacterium. Azolla is known as following names:

  • Mosquito fern
  • Duckweed fern
  • Fairy moss fern
  • Water fern
  • Acquit fern

This ferns double it mass in 3 to 10 days. This reproduce by sexual reproduction its other use is:

  • Bio fertilizer in paddy field.
  • Larvicide
  • It kills larva of mosquito
  • Plano climatology means there by it consume CO2. Thus it is helpful in reducing global warming.
  • Bio remediation meaning there by removing inkle, copper, Zing, lead and chromium.

Thus, this mini ferned boon in agriculture environmental position and live stock feeding. It can be grown in small space under shade in desert, big cities and hilly areas when temperature is about 300C. So, it can be grown in the most part of India, but in winter it cannot be grown in northern India and hilly region. But it can be grown from March to October.   In the colder months cattle fodder can be harvested from hydroponic technic. Thus one can take up dairying for milk production without land. For details see ukatheya.com,