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Artificial Insemination: Points to Remember

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The high-quality proven semen should be used, and semen should be deposited in the mid-cervical region for the proper capacitation of the sperm. The correct method of AI is given in the figure and the description is available on YouTube. (See the figure below).

Method of Doing AI in Cattle

Myth Related to AI (Artificial Insemination)

Farmers generally ask, how long the cow should remain standing after insemination, the answer to the question is that the semen is deposited in the amount of 0.25 ml in the cervix. Then it very rapidly goes to the uterus and fallopian tube, so there is no need to keep the cow in standing the conception that the popular notion that the cow has dropped out of the vagina is a false myth because the semen quantity is very small whereas it may be correct in the case of the horse where semen quantity is in 100 to 150 ml.

The boar is releasing 250 ml of the semen but that is not the case in the case of cows. The quantity of the semen delivered by the different species and the concentration of the semen is given below in the table.  What cow is dropping is vaginal mucus, it has nothing to do with the semen. So it is a myth that the semen is dropped down.

Once ova is released from the ovary its lifespan is 24 hrs and the lifespan of sperm is 72 hours. So there is every probability that fertilization will take place with a single insemination.

However, sometimes the inseminators are inseminating twice with the gap of 12 or 24 hours. Nowadays a quality semen cost in 1000s so it unnecessary notion that double insemination will increase the chances of conception. However, to be sure of more probable conception injection of GnRH which is available in the market by Receptal etc. 2.5 ml intramuscular helps the release of ova and checks the metestrus bleeding.

Bleeding during the heat cycle does not indicate that conception will not take place. Sometimes the bleeding is an ovulatory follicle and sometimes it is because of passing the AI gun in the wrong direction. So for an ovulatory stage of the ovary, the Receptal GnRH is given.

Kindly do not use progesterone preparations for the injection of 11-hydroxy-progesterone for better conception. If the ova is already released then progesterone has no role but if the ova is not released then the progesterone injection will inhibit the release of ova, this is because of the suppression of the LH hormone. This is shown with the help of and shown in YouTube.