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Anglo-Nubian Goat

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The Anglo-Nubian is British breed of goat. It is a crossbreed goat, crossbred between British and Indian goat (Sirohi or Jamunapari). This goat can live in hot temperature. It is famous for the looks and the meat and milk production.

Anglo Nubian Goat
Anglo Nubian Goat

Characteristics of Anglo Nubian Goat

Size of this goat is medium, they can be black, white, black or brown, or may be various mixed colors. Pendulous, long sized ears are present close to the head. Legs are long in size. The male goat weighs around 80 kg and the female goat weighs around 61 kg. They are hornless.


These goats are crossbred, so they have the features of two goats. They can live in high temperature, produces a good quantity of milk and also used for meat production. These goat contains largest amount of fat in their milk about 4%. The breeding season in these goats is much longer than other goat breeds, so it will produce milk for around one year.