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Abortion in Cow: Common Causes

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Common Causes of Abortions in Cows

Cow abort due to infection during the third month or six and seven month. This abortion is due to bacterial infection. When cow aborts during third month then it is due to Vibrio fetus. When cow aborts during six month then it may be due to Brucella abortus. Both these diseases are contiguous. They can spread very fast.

When cow aborts due to brucella then this can be communicated to human male and female. The pregnant women is also likely to abort. In men this can cause great deal of fever and swelling in testis, which is also known as Malta fever. This disease can also be transmitted to bitches and then the bitch will also abort. If in your farm bitch is aborting then it may transfer disease to cattle or buffalo.

There is a vaccination for brucellosis which is done before the age of six months. However, treatment is long term and it may not be affected. Brucella positive if cows should be removed from herd otherwise it will spread this disease to other cows and this will cause loss to dairy farming. The other diseases in which abortion is taking place at the third month of pregnancy, that is vibriosis this can be treated by antibiotics.

The abortion can be caused by high environmental temperature of 40 degrees and above and by the use of certain drugs like corticosteroids and drugs given for parasites. One should be very cautious about giving any medication during the first trimester of pregnancy. At this stage, the pregnancy is very delicate. Thereafter during the last trimester that is during six month and nine month the pregnancy not much affected.

Sometimes the feed contain fungal infection because of that mycoplasma infection is there and this can become a cause of abortion in cows. Feeding of ammonium nitrate can also cause an abortion other than this ergot disease of oats, wheat, and ragi will also cause abortion. The vaccination of the pregnant cow should not be taken up. This will also cause abortion.

Certain dewormer for killing worms may also cause abortion. The drug Albendazole causes abortion during 27 days of pregnancy. The drugs for liver worms may also cause abortion. Before giving any medication the precaution for the medication should be read. The drugs for blood protozoan also cause abortion. The drugs for removing external parasites like ticks etc. can also cause abortion in hot climate these drugs are very harmful. These drugs should not be given in empty stomach. They should be given after feeding.

The great care should be taken at the time of delivery of calf. If the placenta is retained then it should not be removed for 36 hours if it does not come out then using gloves only it should be pulled out. And it should be buried properly.

Retention of placenta is also sign of brucellosis so great care should be taken for treating these cows for infection of uterus. In such case from blood or milk the brucellosis testing should be done.

For this there is rose bengal test this should be done on the polled milk sample if it is positive then individual animal should be checked. The positive animal need very long term Terramycin treatment and sexual rest for six month to one year. The aborted cows may come in heat after few days of abortion and they should not be served.


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